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Everything is sorted now for our service this Sunday.  The service is hosted on YouTube, so you can watch it on your computer, your laptop or even on your large screen Smart TV.  The link is

We are very interested in your comments, as (if the isolation continues) we will also start a midweek service, should there be the demand.

At the moment we are planning to screen worship on Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday.  You will not be without your church this easter!



We shall have our first streamed church service on Sunday, 29th March. Because many of our congregation have carers coming in at different times of the day, we have decided to pre-record the service and place it on Youtube on our dedicated Ilkley Baptist Church Youtube page.  This means that you can tune-in to the service at whatever time suits you best.

The service will be slightly shorter than usual for this trial filming, but will have our usual combination of prayer, hymns and a sermon as part of our worship.  The advantage of filming on Youtube is that most of you can access it on your television as well as a laptop.

The sermon will be published on this site on Sunday for those unable to view the service.  We will also post a link on this site on Sunday morning to take people directly to the worship service.  We would encourage you to view at 10-45am, if you can, as if it was an actual service in our church.  If the trial service is successful, we shall expand our frequency in the coming weeks.



Hot off the press!  The Anglican churches have been able to get their webcams installed quickly!

You can tune into worship from All Saints, Ilkley, at 10-30am or 6pm, which is being streamed on Youtube, by clicking this link

St Margaret's have also a streamed service at 10-30am, but theirs is being streamed on Facebook.  You can view their service by clicking



Our webcam is due to arrive on Tuesday (massive shortage of webcams as well as toilet paper), which means we can do our own worship streaming from next week onwards.  This will include scripture, prayer and a "thought for the day" on Sunday 29th March.  We shall also trial a "fellowship meeting" online, for those able to participate.  If any of our members need a laptop to keep in touch with the outside world, I have one to lend out.

The BBC have announcd that they will try to have a morning service on BBC1 in the future, "if they have enough cameras".  In the meantime, you can catch Justin Welby (the Archbishop of Canterbury) on Radio 4's worship service at 8-10am on Sunday, 22nd March.

An alternative is to join the screened service of the North West Baptist Association on Youtube.  This service starts at 10-30am, and you can get access through the following link.



Unless you have just returned from the moon, you will know the issue we are facing.  Our Church is now closed for worship until further notice, and this also applies to the groups that use our premises.  These measures are meant to help slow the spread of the virus.

We have today (Thursday) moved the church computer and phone system over to the Manse, so that we can still play an active part in the recovery process for the people of Ilkley, by staying in touch.

Although we cannot have a live church service, we are hoping to be able to video some content, that will be made available on this and our Facebook site.  It will be next week before we have the technology in place, however.

All people on our church contact list will receive regular welfare calls from the Minister or Deacons, which we hope will make isolation seem less of a trial.  If anyone is struggling, or in need of food or provisions, please phone David on 01943 609826.



As you will no doubt be aware,  David, our Minister, was advised by NHS111 to self isolate, last week, for at least seven days.  He does not have the Coronavirus symptoms, merely a terrible cough!  Unfortunately, the Health Service have now extended the isolation period to fourteen days.  This means David cannot preach this Sunday (22nd March).

As we are likely to have self-isolation imposed on those over 70 (and the fact we have no preacher!) we have made the painful decision to cancel this week's services.  Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be the only date we have to cancel, but we will make a long-term decision next week when we know the self-isolation position.  Please check back onto this site for further updates.

This closure only affects worship, although our groups are also closing.  It does not, however, affect Riverside Nursery, who are in a self contained area of the building and complying with Government advice on childcare.


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