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WWW day

Sunday, 30th April is WWW day!  You might never have heard of WWW Day, as we've only just invented it!

We have three "W"s that day, and the first one stands for WORSHIP.  We kick off a busy day with our regular 10-45am service, which will feature Communion.

Tea and coffee are served after the service in the Church Lounge, and we wlecome everyone to worship with us.

The second "W" of the day stands for WATCH. The Tour de Yorkshire passes through Ilkley at 12-45pm today, and the route is only a few minutes away from the church.  Why not Worship with us, have a cup of tea, and then get out in plenty of time to see the leaders and the peloton cycling through Ilkley?

Please bear in mind if coming to see the race that there will be road closures in place before and after the race, so getting here in plenty of time is an advantage.  Our Church Lounge will remain open to anybody until 3pm, to allow anyone who wants to bring their own food to have a comfortable place to eat it!

Our third "W" of the day is WITNESS, and you can do that at our 6-30pm Praise and Worship Service.  We hope to feature live music at this service, and with a contemprary feel to it.  We shall be joined at this service by a speaker from Christians Against Poverty (CAP) who will help us launch our first CAP Money Course, which starts on 9th May.

If you have spent the day in Ilkley and maybe gone for a walk (should it be WWWW?) on the moors after the Tour de Yorkshire passes on, what better way to finish the day?  Modern music, an interesting speaker on a worthy project, and no sermon as well!  

You can learn more about Christians Against Poverty by clicking here



CAP Money Course

Ilkley Baptist Church have been accepted onto the training programme to enable us to run the CAP Money Course here at the Church.

The course is intended to enable people to find it easier to budget, save and spend in these difficult financial times.

The course has been a great success in other areas that it has been run, however Silsden has previously been the closest centre, and some people have been unable to travel from Ilkley to that location. The training takes place on the 11th of March, and we hope to launch the course in Ilkley after Easter.

You can learn more about the course, and the work of Christians Against Poverfty by clicking here.

First Aid Course


lkley Baptist Church will be holding a one-day Emergency First Aid Course on Thursday, 23rd February, from 9-30am to 4-30pm.  The course, run by Churches Training, includes full training, a manual and a level 2 First Aid Certificate on completion.

We run these courses because some training providers charge up to £150 a head for these courses.  There are many people, charities and not for profit organisations that cannot afford this.  We are able to provide two FREE places available for anyone who is unemeployed, or on benefits.

To apply (first come, first enrolled!) please email with your details.  A further two places are currently available at £30 each for anyone else wishing to do the course.


Covenant Service


lkley Baptist Church will be meeting this Sunday, 19th February, at 10-45am to renew our Covenant with God.

We start our worship with praise, before we hear relevant readings from scripture.  We shall then renew our Covenant, and share the Lord's Supper together.

We shall also take this opportunity to welcome the new (or re-elected) Deacons who will be serving the church in the years ahead.

Afetr worship we have a fellowship meal, which is rumouyred to be Shepherd's Pie. I am also told that there will be desserts!

Everyone is welcome - please come and joiun ius!



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