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Our Latest worship service (for Sunday, 28th June) has now been uploaded onto the Internet.

You can view the Service on the church YouTube channel, or you can click the link underneath:





Many of you will be desperate to know when we can reopen for worship. Despite the PM's remarks that Churches can reopen from the 4th of July, the Government Task Force for Faith has still not published it's guidance. It is not now expected until next week.

The Baptist Union were not invited onto the Taskforce, with only Anglican, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Sikh and Hindu leaders invited.  The Sikh Gurdwaras have complained that their representative wasn't even chosen by them!  It is also worrying that there is no "Free Church" input, and that "Free Church" worship for the nation has been stereotyped as Anglican by the Government.

Until we know what conditions are imposed, we can't make a final decision, but we will update you with progress as soon as we can




Nestle are taking the "Fairtrade" out of KitKat's, and replacing it with the lower ethical standard "Rainforest Allliance" branding. This will disadvantage thousands of growers in Africa, but increase Nestle's profits.

Please consider signing the petition to Nestle.






BMS Team Leader for India, Ben Francis, takes the lead in our online sermon today.

Ben will be preaching on Isaiah 43:1-2, and he will include a short BMS World Mission update along with his message.

You can catch the sermon by tuning in to the Ilkley Baptist Church YouTube channel, or by clicking the link below:





Following the relaxation of part of the Government lockdown of churches, we are happy to announce that the church will now be open for prayer every day from 1pm-4pm.

As you can see from the photo, our 120 comfy seats have been removed, and replaced with 32 hard plastic seats to comply with the 2 metre social distancing rule.  This is so they can be easily disinfected after each use, and you don't have to wait ages for our fabric covered seats to dry.

We have hand santisers at both entrances, and couples can sit together.  There will be prayers, scripture and quiet music videos on the big screen, but please do not sing in church (for the time being, anyway!)  Please drop-in if you can to pray, reflect and think.



Get your bread and wine ready, as our communion service is now online.  Our text for today (Sunday, 14th June) is the first eleven verses of Romans 5.

Our service also features an update from BMS and from our Mission Committee.  We also have a guest appearance from an ex-regular from Ilkley Baptist Church, that some of our 'oldies' might remember!  Tune in at



It certainly did last night!  It was very windy and wet, and when the gales subsided we were left with half a tree in our car park!

It had fallen from the far side of Spicey Gill, across our fence  (only minor damage), and is now parked in our car park and taking up space for 4 cars!  Fortunately, there was no-one about, but if it had been a working day for the nursery there could have been a few cars damaged.

Left with the council to sort out - like most churches, we have a shortage of qualified lumberjacks in the church!




Again, a bit of sad (but hardly unexpected) news.

The annual book sale is not going to take place this year.  We are unable to run the event whilst complying with social distancing.  We also have the problem of people picking up books and then putting them down again, which could lead to cross-contamination.

The Mission Committee have discussed the implications of this, particularly with regard to the funding of 'Education for Life' in Kenya.  We shall include this worthy cause in our prayers, and we shall attempt to fundraise in other ways.



We are sorry (and sad) to have to report that over the weekend the wooden hand rails on our disability access ramp have been vandalised.  6 Metres of railing have been split and damaged, and the fittings attaching them to the posts have also shattered.  The support posts may also be unsound, but we will have to await an inspection before we know the full damage.  We expect it to cost at least £500 to repair.

In recent weeks, there have been numerous group of teenagers gathering in the car park, who have been moved on by the Minister and the Nursery School.  The matter has been reported to the Police.  Please keep this matter in your prayers.




It's our online Prayer Meeting tonight (Wednesday) on Zoom.

Join us, if you can, at 7pm for 20 minutes of Prayer, on whatever subject you want to pray over.

You can join us by clicking the following link



Our latest service, for Trinity Sunday (7th June), is now on the church YouTube channel.

You can join us at any time that suits you, by checking out the church YouTube channel, or by clicking the following link:





Our latest service, for Pentecost, is now on the church YouTube channel.

You can join us at any time that suits you, by checking out the church YouTube channel, or by clicking the following link:





Come share in our '5th Sunday' Praise Service on the evening of Sunday, 31st May. 

The Praise Service has scripture and prayer, but no sermon.  You can sing songs of praise that many of you will not have sung before.  If you can spare half an hour on Sunday evening please check this out!  Join us by clicking the following link:







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