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Sadly, Tony Dutton passed away, peacefully, this evening at Airedale Hospital. Tony was a gentleman, and will be missed by all.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Olive and the family.







The church building may be closed for a month, but we still have our Streamed Worship. Join our Epiphany Service on our YouTube channel.






We have learned that Tony Dutton is seriously ill in Airedale Hospital. Olive is able to visit him, and has asked for the church to be made aware and for prayer.

Please could you pray for pain to cease, and for the Lord to take charge of their situation.







We had our Deacons Meeting on Zoom last night, and these were the factors considered.

1. David is unable to preach at 'live' services until he has received his vaccination, which the Government said should by by mid February.

2. The Baptist Union has issued guidance urging churches not to open for live worship at this time.

3. The Government have a Covid review date of 15th of February.

4. People are urged not to travel outside their own town/village.

As a result of this we have decided that the church will remain closed until SUNDAY, 21st FEBRUARY, and we shall reopen on that date if we are allowed to.  Streamed Service will continue on the church YouTube channel.

Likewise, the church will not be open for 'public' private prayer, but David will open up 'on demand' for your own private prayer in church, with prior booking.



Following yesterday's news of a Government Lockdown, the church has some major decisions to be made. Legally, we are allowed to open for worship, but we have to decide whether we should do. We have a need to consider, and balance, our wish to worship in church with the danger of infection by the new Covid strain.

This decision is further complicated by the fact that David, our Minister' is classed as 'Extremely Clinically Vulnerable' and will be unable to lead live services as per Government and Baptist Union guidelines.

The Deacon's will meet on Zoom on Thursday night to discuss where we go from here. Please feel free to email your views, so we can hear as many perspectives as possible.  Please check this site again on Friday to see if Sunday's Live Service at the church will be going ahead or not.  The Streamed Worship will continue regardless.



Sorry we weren't able to open on 3rd January, but probably a blessing in disguise, as the roads and pavements are like sheet ice in Kings Road!

We hope to be open on the 10th of January, but that depends on Covid restrictions and whether we are placed in tier 4 before then.  Please check back for news before attending.

You can view the streamed worship on the church YouTube channel at







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