Orders of Service for Online Streaming - 21st June, 2020


It is appropriate that on Father’s Day we come to worship you, O God, for you are not only our Creator but you are also our loving parent. 


As we give thanks to you for our earthly fathers this day, help us all to be more like the loving parent you are to all your children. Help us to trust your loving kindness and to share it with others. Amen.


HYMN  Lord, I lift Your name on high



  • Callum and Sally’s wedding should have been yesterday

  • Church open for prayer 1pm-4pm



  • Romans 6:1-2


All-Age talk

Good morning everyone, and hope you are ready for our all age talk!  We have two readings today, and the first, that you’ve just heard, was our scheduled lectionary passage.  Ben Francis will read the second reading later on.  Both readings are very short - only two verses each - and they are both about Sin or being forgiven.  


Anyway, as we have families watching online, this is our all-age talk.  This morning I brought with me a First Aid Kit.  Fortunately, I don't get hurt too often, but I do have a lot of plasters and bandages here, don't I? (Show them.) I need to use these up, so they don't become out of date and useless.


In a way, sin is like a hurt. Whenever we sin, we hurt ourselves or others. If I tell a lie, for example, then I hurt myself because others will not know if they can ever believe what I say in the future. The sin of my lie hurts my relationship. If I was still playing football, and I kicked somebody hard because I was angry with them, then that hurts others. My sin hurts their bodies and their feelings. 


If I cheat on a test at school, then my teacher will not know if I learned the material or not. My sin of cheating hurts my education -- even if I never get caught. Sin hurts -- it hurts the sinner and those sinned against. God doesn't want us hurting ourselves or others.


Jesus has forgiven us our sins. He is like a bandage on a sore. Forgiveness brings healing. If I lie, God forgives me. If I kick someone in anger, God forgives me. If I cheat, God forgives me. That is wonderful news!


Since God forgives us so much, many people would ask “should we keep on sinning so that God has more opportunities to forgive us?”   The answer is, "Of course not!" God does not want us sinning in the first place. Even though God forgives sin, sin still hurts -- us and others.


To keep on sinning because I know that God has forgiven me would be like deliberately injuring myself so that I could use up this box of bandages. That would be a very silly thing to do! Sinning is also very silly. Even though we are forgiven, sin still hurts. God does not like to see people hurt -- ourselves or others. In fact, it hurts God to see creation hurting.


I am glad we are forgiven for our wrongs, but I do want to stop hurting others or myself by my sinning. Would you pray with me?


Dear God: Thank you for forgiving us when we sin and hurt ourselves or others. Give us the power to stop sinning whenever possible, and let us trust in You as we grow in our knowing of you. Amen.


HYMN  Knowing You, Jesus


Prayer and Lord's Prayer

Lord God Almighty, we live in troubled times.  On top of poverty and commercialism, we now add racial injustice, governmental oppression and coronavirus.


Bring in the day, the day of Jesus Christ, through whom we shall be united. Then we shall recognize each other as fellow citizens, as brothers and sisters, and we shall have peace on earth. 


Give your Spirit anew, O Lord our God. Free and enlighten every heart so that each person can acknowledge the Word you have given and hold fast to all your promises, even in seemingly dark and troubled times. Be with us. Be with our people. 

Help us in our times, O Lord God. We wait for you. We await your peace, a new peace – not the old peace, not a return to comfort and selfish desires, but your peace – which shall bring us into the life of heaven, where we find Jesus Christ, the Living One, our Shepherd and Leader, who taught us the words we now say together.




Today's scripture reading and Sermon comes from BMS’s team leader in India, Ben Francis.


Reading and Sermon

  • Isaiah 43:1-2  Ben Francis




Thank you for your message Ben.  We have had two fairly modern songs this morning, but we are going to change that now.


Remember Alistair Begg told us last week that he finds inspiration in his hymn book, we he's not the only one.  I spoke with Eric Fox on Friday, and he had found an old favourite of his in Mission Praise.  I was looking for an old hymn that fitted in with our theme of forgiveness of sins, and lo and behold, it’s actually one of the few old hymns in the Ising Worship music catalogue!


Many old timers may remember it - it was written in 1799!  Let us sing ‘there is a fountain’.


HYMN  There is a fountain


Prayers of Intercession

Let us pray. 


Heavenly Father, as we bow our heads before you in prayer for the world near and far, we often find it difficult to know where to start and what to pray but we know that you want us to pray and that you are more ready to hear our prayers than we are to pray, and so in confidence we venture before your throne this morning. Hear us and help us, we pray. 


We offer our prayers for the world. We hold before you all those places far from here, known to us only through our television screens, where there is suffering and strife. We hold before you all those children, women and men whose lives are marred by war, disease and poverty. All unknown to us but each known by name to you. Each made in your own image and for whom your Son died. And we pray O Lord, ‘that the world might taste and see the riches of your grace’. 


We offer our prayers for the world nearer at home. We hold before you our government, national and local, our parliament and all those who exercise power in our land. We pray that they will acknowledge that their power comes from you and that it is your will that they should strive to do. 

We hold before you all those marginalised and ignored in our society. Those who fear the loss of their jobs, their homes, their security and those for whom those losses are already a reality. We pray for those, young and old, who do not feel loved or wanted. And we pray O Lord, ‘that all might taste and see the riches of your grace.’ 


We hold before you those who are ill in body, mind or spirit and we pray for your healing touch. For those who are grieving we pray for your comfort and loving embrace. In the silence we bring before you those who are on our hearts and minds this morning. 


We pray O Lord, ‘that they might taste and see the riches of your grace.’ 


Lastly we hold ourselves before you. We offer you all our hopes and fears. We thank you that you are ever with us and pray that you will help us to know and to feel your presence with us more each day. 


We pray, O Lord, ‘that we might taste and see the riches of your grace.’ 


We pray all our prayers, those spoken and those unspoken, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen


HYMN  King of Kings, Majesty


Closing Prayer and Blessing

In losing we gain, in dying we live. We step now again into the darkness, sure of your guiding hand in our lives. 

When we falter, Lord, please catch us, and set us on the right course again.


Our worship is over.  With Your blessing, may our service continue.  Amen.

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