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I sometimes read old editions of magazines, and this week it was the turn of the Spring 2016 edition of "Engage" - the magazine of BMS World Mission.

In it, there was an article on the church in Denmark.  This is an extract:

"The truth is, in Denmark, some Baptist churches and Christians are living in a holy bubble.  But Danes are not attracted to holy bubbles, and children and especially grandchildren do not keep the parents' church. You can't inherit faith and a life as a disciple of Christ.  It has to be a choice of your own."

The truth of this statement struck home, and it doesn't just relate to Denmark.  One of my two sons is not a Christian.  But, my dad was also not a Christian, and yet I made that choice all by myself.  The point is that we need to make the choice to follow Jesus on our own (a thoroughly Baptist fundamental), not through any pressure put on our children to conform.  Those "forced" to the church can alienate themselves to God, and we want the opposite.

Let's talk more and "force" less.  Let us serve God and bring people to Christ through love and being more Christ-like.

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