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18th June - 25th June, 2019


David writes :

This tour begins in Manchester, in March, when I attended the Christian Resources Exhibition which was held at Media City.  Whilst walking around the various stands at the exhibition, I came across the ITS stand.  ITS are a well established company that runs Holyland tours for all religions and denominations.

I found out that they were running an "educational tour" in June, 2019, for anyone that might be interested in running their own Holyland tour in the future.  This is something that I have always been interested in.  My only previous experience being in the 1980's, whilst on a cruise which docked at Haifa, and we did a day excursion to Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee.  I have always wanted to go back!

Needless to say, Brenda and I were very quickly signed up, and we were shortly joined by Godfrey Perera, and Tony Curran from Sacred Heart.

We now wait with anticipation for our departure on Tuesday, 18th June, on our El Al flight from Manchester.

I have put the itinerary for each day on this site, so you can see the tour plan, and you could follow the relevant parts of scripture.  I shall update this blog daily (in the evening) from Israel, with pictures and experiences from the Holyland so that we can all share in the Pilgrimage experience.  

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