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We received the sad news today that Mu Thomas died on the afternoon of Wednesday 20th December, 2017.

As our members have been aware, both Mu and her husband, David, were diagnosed with terminal cancer around the same time last year.  David left us all to early, and Mu bravely battled against the disease.

Mu was frequently seen at church, looking a picture of health and making light of her illness.  She had every intention to pack as much into 2017 as she could, and was an inspiration to all.

The Service of Thanksgiving for Mu's life will be sometime on the afternoon of MONDAY, 8th JANUARY, 2018 at Ilkley Baptist Church.  The service will be led by Paul Chapman, a close family friend, and the service starts at 2pm.



Our Christmas Day service will take place at 10am.  This will be a short celebration service, where we get the chance to sing Christmas Praise before we rush back to the Christmas Lunch preparations!

On that subject, we have Christmas Lunch at the Church at 2pm, where anyopne who is alone for Christmas can join us in fellowship and to help us devour the Christmas Turkey and Gammon!  If you are interested in attending, please phone David on 01943 609826.  There is no cost for the meal.

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